This is what a healthy, profitable market garden looks like …

Agro-Ecology is one of the most revolutionary concepts in the Paris Climate Accord. It is based on the aim to increase the content of carbon in soil via farming methods, also known as the 4 per 1000, carbon sequestration or regenerative agriculture. Using multi species crops and recycling waste, in the form of compost the organic matter is restored, naturally drawing carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere.

The exciting thing is this is low imput farming, avoiding expensive fertiliser and pesticides. This inspired Charles Hervé-Gruyer and his wife Perrine to farm with nature, instead of against it, on their bountiful permaculture farm in Normandy, France. They believe that by caring for nature and enriching our soils, we can regenerate the life of our planet.

Video produced by Oliver Gardiner in partnership with Regeneration International and Kiss The Ground

About the international initiative “4 per 1000”


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