Water is Life – Hikoi



Marcus has walked over 600km on a hikoi to raise awareness of the destruction & sales of our New Zealand waters. Marcus had been walking for month already, tenting & staying with locals.

A Hikoi is a term in Maori, native language of New Zealand, meaning a protest march or parade, usually implying a long journey taking days or weeks.

Modern farming is based solely on synthetic nitrogen fertiliser (urea). As fertiliser application increases, crop/grass growth remains stable. Plants have shallow root structures, and the soil microbial life is starved transforming the soil to dirt.

This fertiliser soaked topsoil is washed into our waterways, causing deadzones and algae blooms. The atmosphere is around 75% nitrogen, there are many ways to draw down nitrogen from the atmosphere to the soil (including selective regenerative farming practices) .

Film by: Ciska

Featuring: Marcus Matawhero Lloyd

Water is Life Music: Petit Biscuit – Jungle

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